Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A generous summer at Kiehl's!

This summer, Kiehl's will surprise the public with various actions during the months of June and July not only in store but especially outside! Here are some examples of the various actions undertaken this summer:

  • Kiehl's offers a free skin analysis to all customers that pass the door of one of the stores and gives each customer a personalized skin samples routine.

  • In addition to the action "Bring a friend", all clients have the opportunity to share and let discover Kiehl's world to one of their friend and this way they will also receive a gift Summer Set with products. A must for a trip to the pool or for a weekend getaway this summer.

Finally and in various actions Street Marketing, Kiehl's will be in the streets and main squares of cities to promote themselves by offering samples, free skin analysis and for some lucky ones also some Starter-Kit products. More information on the Facebook page of the brand.

Kiehl's is also very generous with its recycling program "Recycle and be Rewarded." The brand generously invites customers to worry about the environment and the planet, one of their core values. Recycling is rewarded by products. The more we recycle the more you receive!

Finally, generosity is not only promoted in store but also on Kiehl's website. Indeed, when ordering on, delivery is always free and customers also receives samples of new products to discover. This summer  deluxe samples  will be also offered to future customers.

Kiehl's Stores in Switzerland

Kiehl’s Flagshipstore – Rennweg 23, ZürichKiehl’s Corner – Globus Genève
Kiehl's Corner  –  Globus BernKiehl’s Corner – Manor Genève
Kiehl’s Corner – Globus LausanneKiehl’s Corner – Manor Basel
Kiehl’s Corner – Globus ZürichKiehl's Corner  –  Globus Bellevue
Kiehl’s Corner  –  Manor ZürichKiehl’s Corner – Parfumerie Oswald Zug
Kiehl’s Corner – Globus GlattzentrumKiehl’s Corner – Globus Basel

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