Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Give your hair a second life with Kérastase Résistance Thérapiste

It is time to give your hair a second life with the new Kérastase Résistance line. This new line from Kérastase goes to rebuild the internal substance of hair which has been weakened by chemical or mechanical aggressions and restore its strenght and solidity.
Force architecte is dedicated for damaged hair with erosion level 1-2 while Thérapiste is specifically suited for hair with an erosion of 3-4 usually very damaged and over-processed hair.

How do you know your hair's erosion level?

If your hair look dead and feel weak, have split ends, dry hair that appears dull you probably need the Resistance Thérapiste for hair with an erosion level of 3-4. If you are unsure you can always go to your nearest Kérastase salon for an in-depth hair consultation.


 L’Oréal Advanced Reasearch has shown the fundamental role played by the KAPs (Keratin Associated Proteins),  which play a major role in ensuring the structure of hair and they account for 50%-60% of the structure of the hair. These small proteins link keratins to each other and attach them together. An uncommonly strong cohesive power without which the fiber’s structure would collapse. When the hair is damaged those KAPs disappear and so the internal architecture of the hair fiber is destructured and gradually will collapse.

Kérastase has created Fibra-Kaptm, this powerful complex of gluco-peptide, the SP94, 6 Amino acids and a wheat protein derivative is designed to compensate the loss of KAP's in damaged hair. 
L'Oreal Advanced Research has taken inspiration from The Myrothamnus Flabellifolia an incredible plant which is able to come back to life even after many years if in contact with water it regains its original casing and start a new life cycle.  A true miracle of nature! L'Oreal has taken adavantage of this plant vital essence and  its precious sap taken from its leaves was especially selected to go to enrich the Résistance- Thérapiste line.

The Collection- Résistance

Kérastase has created a unique and customised beauty ritual: clean, treat and texturise with specific methods to make your hair beautiful.

This shampoo with a unique jellified texture repair the hair fiber when shampooing. Especially suited for very damaged and over-processed hair ( erosion level 3-4). For fine, medium and thick hair. This shampoo envelops the fiber during washing as well as reducing friction, each fiber is then revitalized and shiny. The Fibra-Kaptm compensate for the missing KAPs and reactive their synthesis, 6 amino-acids characterized by their capacity to attach themselves to damaged hair while the wheat protein redivative helps restore uniformity and smoothes.



This is Kérastase first reverse care routine specifically developed for fine hair. This lightweight conditioner can be used before or after cleansing to add protection to fine damaged hair while washing. It acts like a safety net in protecting the hair fibre so that hair is protected while washing and hair fiber quality is visibly improved. Hair is healthier and more voluminous.


This intensely nourishing mask cares specifically for thick hair and leaves your hair looking healthy and beautifully soft. It acts as an SOS bandage and is suitable for very damaged and over-processed hair ( level 3-4),  the hair is deeply repaired and its core while the hair fiber regains its strenght and its vitality.


This split ends perfecting care is the final step to protect your hair against heat and add an extra dose of softness and care to the lengths and ends. It can be applied to both damp and dry hair. It heals and seals the ends of the hair so that split ends appear reduced. It combines oil-based care with a cream-textured top coat.

Kérastaste Resistance 
is available now
at your nearest Kérastase Salon

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