Monday, 30 November 2015

Eva.J: Swiss natural luxury cosmetics

Eva.J is a Swiss natural luxury range of cosmetics which has one goal: to evoke senses, bring pleasure and confidence to both men and women. The brand's philosophy is that true luxury can only be natural. Created with love and respect for skin. An important role is given to active natural components which play an important part in achieving glowing and calm skin.

"Natural cosmetics have been my passion as long as I can remember and in 2006 I made the choice to follow the passion and to create my own luxury cosmetic range."
Eva Johnston, creator of Eva.J

I had the great pleasure of testing two of Eva.J products the Sensitive Eye Reviver and Lift and the Face Pampering Scrub.
The Sensitive Eye Reviver is an absolute must if you have sensitive eyes as it cointains only natural extracts from plants and fruits. It is also fragrance and paraben free. It really comforts as well as giving a fresh sensation to the eye area. There is also no need to apply any other product on top of it as the Eye Reviver is already an effective eye treatment.  It is great in soothing red eyes and tired eyes.
The Face Pampering Scrub is a really luxurious scrub which is gentle enough but very effective. It has a triple action as it cleanses through a biological agent, hydrates with jojoba and protects thanks to clinical formulation.
It feels great on the skin and leaves it soft and supple.

Sensitive Eye Reviver and Lift

Particularly recommended for sensitive eyes the Eye Reviver and Lift with natural fruit and plant extracts it is an highly effective eye treatment product. It stimulates 
the production of elastin
as well as strengthen the fragile eye area.
It comforts and prevents aging thanks to its natural composition that soothes red eyes, as well as providing shield against free radicals.
 It can be applied as many times per day as necessary
and can also be applied to lips to moisturise them.

Face Pampering Scrub

This face scrub is a gentle and effective cleansing method for all skin types.
It cointains bio active ingredients which delicately exfoliate,
 moisturise and brighten the skin,
leaving it soft and supple.

is available
online at

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