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Give some magic this Christmas with Nespresso!

Nespresso invited me on Tuesday night to explore its world at their boutique - bar in Lausanne.
 Recently renovated with a contemporary design, it now offers magic throughout the year thanks to several changes which cater for the needs and demands of the customers and  Nespresso members.
One of the positive changes introduced after high customers demand is the take away offering, so from now on you can enjoy your fav coffee also on the go!
 I had the opportunity to visit the premises and to taste some delicious cocktails made with Nespresso's Grands Crus.
 The Nespresso barista also gave a little  "mixology"  workshop and they let us discover Nespresso's festive cocktails made with the limited collection Grands Crus.

Nespresso Limited Editions Variations 2015

Get your tumbler ready to take out your coffee!

Nespresso machines in every colours!

Give some magic this Christmas with wonderful Nespresso gifts

Give the ultimate coffee gift this festive season with one of Nespresso’s beautiful machines. Each equipped with advanced technology, sleek design and efficient capabilities they make for wonderful gifts.
For fans of bright colours and quirky design look no further that the NEW PIXIE Clips machine which features fun interchangeable coloured side panels which you can easily switch depending on your colour preference. The PIXIE Clips features a speedy heat up function, empty water tank detection and will automatically switch off after nine minutes of inactivity to save power. Pick your favourite from Black & Lemon Neon or White & Coral Neon and give a gift that won’t be forgotten.
Or for the ultimate coffee lover, why not opt for  the latest in the Lattissima range, the LATTISSIMA TOUCH. This high powered, elegant machine features an incredible ‘one touch’ system which means you can have perfect black or milk recipes including cappuccino and lattes at the touch of a button. Treat a loved one to the stunning Glam White edition which will fit seamlessly into any kitchen design. 

Pixie Clips


Lattissima Touch


If your loved ones already own a Nespresso coffee machine why not surprise them with  some accessories to complement their Nespresso machine?
 With everything from contemporary, sleek machines for the style conscious coffee connoisseur to sweet treats and stunning accessories for the finishing touch, Nespresso’s collection of luxurious gifts has something special for everyone. 
This season’s Limited Edition Collection will provide unique, memorable gifts, which can be enjoyed all year long. 

VIEW Bonbonnière is a stylish addition to any kitchen, a stunning capsule holder which makes for a great gift for any Nespresso machine owner. Coated in gunmetal silver, the Bonbonnière is decorated with the Nespresso pattern (facing only), packed in a premium round gift box

PIXIE Espresso & Lungo Kit A set mixing 2 PIXIE Espresso & 2 PIXIE Lungo cups for the first time, packed in a premium gift box. Double walled uncoated cups in stainless steel decorated with the engraved Nespresso pattern, for fans of modern design.

TOUCH Compact Travel Mug for the busy commuter in your life, this contemporary travel mug wouldn’t look out of place next to the smartest suits. In matt black finish and ideal for two Lungo coffees, this double walled travel mug will keep hot drinks steaming and cold drinks cool making it the perfect travel companion.


Nespresso invites you to indulge this Festive Season with the launch of its new Limited Edition Variations range. 
Featuring the perfect balance of sweet, spicy and biscuit flavours, the Variations range was inspired by the warming aromas of the festive period and is set to delight the senses with rich dark chocolate, comforting vanilla, sweet almond, aromatic cardamom and spicy ginger note.
The Variations are also on offer in special gift packs, allowing you to present the coffee lover in your life with the wonder of exceptional coffees with sweet, spicy and biscuit aromas to tempt their senses. 
These tempting flavours also complement the permanent Variations range which comprises Vanilio, Ciocattino and Caramelito.

Nespresso 2015 Limited Edition Variations: 

  • Vanilla Amaretti :  with indulgent almond and vanilla flavours, the aromas are reminiscent of sweet amaretti biscuits. Paired with the roasted caramel notes of the Livanto Grand Cru for a rounded finish. Intensity 6

  •  Ciocco Ginger: the daring marriage of the Livanto Grand Cru’s fragrant roasted notes with a deep dark chocolate flavour is enlivened with ginger hints, offering a delightfully festive experience. Intensity 6

  •  Vanilla Cardamom: the delicate harmony between vanilla and cardamom aromas awakens Livanto’s toasted notes for an extraordinary coffee experience. Intensity 6

Each Variation has an intensity level of six (on a scale of 1 to 12) and is best served as an Espresso to capture the evocative aromas at their peak. Lovers of a milk based coffee can indulge with an exquisite recipe, bringing even more choice for coffee connoisseurs looking for a moment of sensual delight. And why not serve them with the delicious Carrés Amandes ?

Carrés Amande 

 The Carrés Amande have been created to perfectly complement the Nespresso coffee tasting experience. Gift box with delicately flavoured almond and candied fruit confectionery.

The Nespresso Barista at work

During the event we were able to try  Nespresso delicious Cocktails variations and let me say I loved them all! My favourite? Well, the Ciocco Ginger Viennois! Or for a cooler option the Vanilla Cardamom Lemonade is also really good and so refreshing!

Sweet Vanilla Amaretti Latte,  Ciocco Ginger Viennois and 
Vanilla Cardamom Lemonade

Vanilla Cardamom Lemonade

Well, we tasted the cocktails variations at the Nespresso Boutique - Bar in Lausanne
but why not try to make them at home? 
Here is the recipe of my fav Ciocco Ginger Viennois!

Ciocco Ginger Viennois

2 Ciocco Ginger capsules 
1 teaspoon bitter orange syrup
Chocolate sauce
5 cl ginger syrup 
1 orange
1 Festive Lungo Pixie cup 
1 0.5 L whipped cream canister


Put one teaspoon of bitter orange syrup into the cup, then add another teaspoon of chocolate sauce. Pour 2 Ciocco Ginger Espressos (2 x 40 ml). Mix the cream and the ginger syrup in the canister. Once the whipped cream is ready, put it on the top of the cup. Finally, decorate with some grated orange and chocolate sauce.

Enjoying my Vanilla Cardamom Lemonade

A wall of capsules at the boutique

The bar at the Boutique in Lausanne

The Nespresso Members area

Nespresso take away service

Wonderful festive display at the Nespresso boutique

festive offering
is now available at 
Nespresso boutiques 
and  on

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