Tuesday, 24 May 2016

got2b Made for mess!

The new made4mess range from got2b will help you create “undone” styles that look naturally casual. So bye bye meticulously styled hair and welcome tousled and textured!
The Texturizing HAIRSPRAY and PUTTY will give your hair noticeably more grip and moldability without being sticky. 
Get that just-out-of-bed look which is so in right now as we can no longer imagine a catwalk without them.
Inspired by that light beach feeling and relaxed street styles, the undone look is perfect for every hair length.
With the got2b made4mess texturizing hairspray and the got2b made4mess texturizing putty, you can create trendy Bohemian looks, all with zero effort, cool results and a reliable hold. 
The got2b made4mess formula gives the hair more texture, grip and moldability, all without weighing it down or making it sticky.  
The got2b made4mess texturizing hairspray can be used alone or in combination with the putty. For even more texture, coat the hair with several layers of hair spray. Whether messy or tousled, got2b made4mess gives the hair long-lasting texture. Undone has never looked so sexy!

got2b made4mess texturizing HAIRSPRAY

The hairspray provides a visible texture and a long-lasting, undone finish. 

got2b made4mess texturizing PUTTY

The putty gives the hair more texture and creates a wonderful undone effect.

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  1. I rarely use styling products, but I have to admit, the texturizing putty sounds intriguing.