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Kneipp celebrates its 125th anniversary!

It's Kneipp anniversary - with 125 years of knowledge of nature Kneipp has every reason to celebrate! Already 125 years ago, Sebastian Kneipp was passing on the results of the studies he had conducted all throughout his life on water and healing power of plants to his friend, pharmacist Leonhard Oberhäußer. He granted him the exclusive right to manufacture and distribute pharmaceutical and cosmetic products "bearing the name and image of the priest Sebastian Kneipp. "
Even today, Kneipp products are based on knowledge by Sebastian Kneipp. Kneipp experts, a team of experienced scientists are responsible for updating the 125 years of natural expertise.
Today the company exports its products around the world and presents itself as a modern brand with traditional values ​​and roots. Kneipp's products convince with the motto  "Best of Science - Best of Nature ".
On the occasion of its anniversary, Kneipp developed a new care line for women over 60 years which offers "the key for a skin visibly more beautiful". Nature was not forgotten during this anniversary year either.
Kneipp supports a WWF project for the protection of coastal forests in Tanzania. And for lovers of retro style, Kneipp has created an anniversary collection with  lawn grass, lavender and eucalyptus.

Kneipp Revital - the new line of care for women over 60 years

Kneipp has solved the mystery of a mature and beautiful skin.
Christoph Hirschmann, head of Kneipp GmbH:
 "All our knowledge of skin aging and power of nature were combined for this line. Our findings prove the specific effect of the range Revital.
Mature skin are almost filled from within and from outside, density and
firmness are improved. You can feel it and see it. Your skin becomes smoother and
more vital. "

The active ingredient of Revital 

With age, the process of regeneration and repair responsible for our skin vitality slows. Skin becomes thinner, dry and sensitive. It needs to be helped. This is precisely why the range Kneipp "Revital" was developed. It nourishes mature skin optimally with natural active substances in higher doses and identical to that of the skin, increasing the density and firmness of the skin barrier. The care consists of five plants oils: high quality avocado, safflower, evening primrose, almond and elderflower andqqai is specifically developed for mature skin.
The range include: Day Cream, Night Cream and Body Cream.

Kneipp anniversary collection

Daisy, chamomile, calendula, lavender or eucalyptus - the anniversary collection counts on
traditional and proven components. The design of the collection is a successful mix between
retro style and contemporary style.

Kneipp cream "Wiesen Kräuter"

A cream for the whole family. For the body, face and hands.
Fragrant flowers, bees buzzing, crawling ants and butterflies
flit from one flower to another. 
What is it more beautiful than rest after daily hassle in a flowery meadow. Kneipp cream "Wiesen Kräuter" with its delicate fragrance
of floral daisy, witch hazel, calendula and chamomile will transport you into
a summer universe. Shea butter and panthenol nourish the skin by moisturizing
intensely and durably. The cream absorbs quickly and gives the skin an intense care

Active Shower Kneipp "Lavender"

The pleasure of a Provencea shower.
A landscape painted in purple-blue and a wonderful ambient scent - lavender fields
are a pleasure for the senses.The precious natural lavender oil cointaned in the
Kneipp active shower gel soothes, relaxes and takes care of you before a stressful day
or when you get home from a tiring day. Your shower will make you feel like you just had a short stay in Provence.

Active Shower Kneipp "Mint-eucalyptus"

The pleasure of a stimulating and refreshing shower.
Mint and eucalyptus - a classic fragrance combination. 
The fragrance is stimulating, refreshing, energizing and leaves a feeling of freshness
on the skin, which allows to enjoy the warmth of summer in full relaxation. The natural oils free the mind and you can breathe again. 
The ingredients provide a smooth feel on the skin that lasts even after the shower.

"Nature has given us in abundance everything we need to stay healthy"
Sebastian Kneipp.

Kneipp Anniversary set is in perfect affinity with the philosophy of the priest Sebastian
Kneipp: it stimulates with lemon, relaxes with lavender and refreshes with eucalyptus.
A perfect set that meets with all the force of nature, moods and needs

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