Friday, 27 January 2017

Eucerin UreaRepair Plus

It tightens and itches. It goes red and feels really umcofortable . Having dry skin is like wearing a dress which is too tight. Redness, roughness and cracking the symptoms of dry skin are visible and unpleasant. They require all our attention and continuous care. Unlike a tight dress which we can remove dry skin is there to stay and can be very annoying especially on day-to-day activities and can even create psychological stress.
Eucerin comes to our rescue with the new UreaRepair PLUS range. With more than 25 years of experience in dry skin care Eucerin has developed this range to effectively and intensively heal very dry and demanding skin.
Eucerin UreaRepair Plus products protect skin for 48 hours as they contain natural moisturising factors, Urea and Lactate which improve the moisture holding capacities of skin while leaving it soft and smooth.

UreaRepair Plus
5% UREA Lotion

UreaRepair Plus
10% Urea Lotion

UreaRepair Plus
5% Urea
Hand Cream

UreaRepair Plus
10% Urea Foot Cream

UreaRepair Plus range
is available at

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