Wednesday, 4 January 2017

L'Oréal new Pure Clay Face Masks

Clay has long been known for its beneficial effect on health and beauty and that is why in many countries it is part of beauty rituals. L'Oréal presents the new Pure Clay Masks which promises to detox, exfoliate and purify skin. Combining three clays with other natural components these three new mask respond to skin's needs.
The composition of each clay mask differs but they are all rich in essential minerals and trace elements precious for our skin. L'Oréal has chosen its Clay Masks three pure and rich clays:
  • Kaolin: rich in silicon is known to free skin from impurities gently but deeply.
  • Montmorillonite: characterized by a large amount of minerals and knownfor its balancing effect on skin
  • Ghassoul: comes from Morocco and it is rich in trace elements. It absorbs the excess sebum without taking away skin's hydration.
The beneficial effects of these clays allows skin to breathe while giving a beautiful and radiant complexion.

Our skin has different needs depending on the area of the face ( forehead, T-Zone and cheeks) and the three clay masks give each a solution adapted to different needs of skin. The masks can be used individually or combined for even greater results. You just need to apply the suitable mask to the different areas of the face. Hallo multi-masking!

Pure Clay
Detox and Brighten Treatment Mask

This mask with three pure clays and Charcoal is perfect for dull and tired looking skin.
Thanks to the benefits brought by charcoal it detoxifies and illuminates skin in 10 minutes.
It feels really luxurious as you put it on as the creamy and non-drying formula leaves skin perfectly clean and velvety smooth.
 The pure clays and charcoal really clean out pores and deep impurities to leave space for brighter skin with a healthy glow.

Pure Clay 
Exfoliate and Refining Treatment Mask

This mask with 3 pure clays and red algae exfoliates and refines skin.
The clay mask enhanced with red algae extract in just ten has a unique and efficient formula which gives you a multi-sensorial experience. It goes to work on rough skin and deep clogged pores to reveal a smooht and polished complexion. Imperfections are also less visible and oily skin will finally breathe and look healthy and glowy.

Pure Clay
Purify and Mattify Treatment Mask

This mask with three pure clays and Eucalyptus purifies and mattifies skin in just 10 minutes.
Thanks to its indulgent formula it feels really fresh and soothing for a spa-like experience.
The powerful clays go to work on impurities while also unclogging pores.
Perfect for oily skin has thanks to its mattifing effect gets rid of shine to reval a mattified and refreshed complexion.
Pores are also less visible and tightened.

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