Monday, 2 January 2017

Keep that festive atmosphere in the house with Yankee Candles

The Holidays are slowly drawing to an end but that is not a reason not to still have a festive atmosphere in the house. I love to have my Yankee Candles lit, they were my candles of choice during the Holiday season and will certainly be also in 2017. I really love All Is Bright and it was also the candle which took us through the new year. I am loving the blend of sparkling citrus scent combined with warm musk..just perfect! I have to say this has become a new favourite of mine and will certainly be a staple in my collection not only at Holiday time but all year long. If you are a fan of tea lights candles you will love Festive Cocktail. The scent of mountain berries and fresh snipped pine will radiate through your home and make the atmosphere really festive and cheerful. They look great on any festive table!
Or for a bold and bright scent go for Star Anise and Orange, tentalsing orange and mandarin mixed with anise, clove. musk and sandalwood will feel as if you have just sliced a fresh orange cooled by a refreshing scent of anise.
Scented candles and especially Yankee Candles belong to my Holiday decor just as much as my Christmas tree and decorations. They really help in making the home cozy and festive. But as mentioned before I am such a fan of Yankee Candles that I really like them all year round as I love trying new fragrances and change them with the seasons.

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  1. I love Yankee Candle. I'm burning Mango & Peach Salsa right now.

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