Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Up to 48 hours perfect styling with EIMI Shape Me

Thanks to EIMI Shape Me by Wella Professionals now you can have your favourite styling look with a 48 hours hold.
The new styling hero with shape memory, active heat protection and flexible texture. With the new EIMI Shape Me your favourite hairstyle will look as freshly styled even after 48 hours. Even in extemely humid conditions this innovative product with shape memory and heat protection changes the texture and keeps the shape.
A true must-have for special occasions when a perfect styling is required!
EIMI Shape Me can be used on damp or dry hair. Just rub a small amount in the hands and spread evenly from the tip into the tips. Then mold and blow until the desired look is achieved. On damp hair, the texturizing gel is perfect for curls and air dry styling.  It controls frizz and flying hair, while giving great shine and flexible texture. On dry hair, EIMI Shape Me it is great for modern short-haired looks and high-gloss finishes with natural shine.

WELLA Professionals
EIMI Shape Me
is available from January 2017
at WELLA Salons

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