Thursday, 17 April 2014

KIEHL'S blogger event ..and a bit of Kiehl's history!

Last night I had the great pleasure to be invited to the Kiehl's Blogger meet & greet event in Lausanne. It was really fun and I truly enjoyed it!
The event took place at the Kiehl's boutique in Lausanne which is designed and furnished in typical Kiehl's apothecary style.In fact we were told that all Kiehl's boutiques around the world look pretty similar as they all follow the same guidelines.
Apothecary atmosphere with use of natural materials, exposed brick walls , wooden floor and a consultation table in the middle.
 In every boutique you will find Mr. Bones a skeleton, reminder of Kiehl's dedication to science and medicine.
We do not have to forget that Kiehl's was founded in 1851 as an apothecary in New York East Side where nowadays their flagshipstore is located.
In the store quite a few objects typical of New York are nicely arranged around the store, e.g. a yellow cab, a miniature of The Statue of Liberty and the classic N.Y. street signs.
In every store you will also see  vintage planes and motorbikes models showing the desire of the founding family to share their passions with the customers in their stores.
Kiehl's we have been told utilize simple, recyclable packaging as they concentrate all their efforts and costs on the substance and quality of the product.
After a bit of history of the brand we then went on having an individual skin consultation with a Kiehl's customer representative. They all wear a distinctive lab style white coat which I must say look very professional! Kiehl's promote a try before you buy policy. That means that each customer can get an expert skin consultation and then get up to 5 samples customized to their skin needs.
My consultation was great, thank you Joy! (I will do a separate post about it!) It really was helpful to find out my skin needs and get expert advice on the best products for my skin. I was also given a few personalized samples based on the consultation so I will now test them all and then do some reviews in my next posts!
We learned that Kiehl's has a healthier skin 28 days plan, assuring that we will see healthier and revitilised skin by then. For this reason we have all been given a booklet "Little book of big change" to use as a diary to note our thoughts, feelings, etc in the process  and at the end of the 28 days we will also be able to check the progress we have made and see the improvements.
I will keep you posted on that!
We also been informed of the Kiehl's recycling programme, this is a scheme where basically you are given a recycling card and you get a stamp for each empty product you bring back, after so many empties you will get free Kiehl's products in exchange such as a  lipbalm or a travel product. Sounds a great reason to recycle to me!
All in all it was a great event , it was really interesting to find out all these facts about Kiehl's and its history. It was also great to be able to have a skin consultation, this way I can use product suitable for my skin's needs.
Thanks Kiehl's for the great night and see you in 28 days for my review!


  1. Wow, it looks like you've had a lot of fun! My favorite Kiehl's products are the Creme de Corp and the Avocado Eye Cream; they're both such wonderful products. :0)

    By the way, I'm hosting an international beauty giveaway if you'd like to participate!

  2. It was a very good day, nice to meet you!

  3. Waaww.... you look like had a good time! It looks so much fun... thanks for sharing, btw ^ ^