Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Sebastian Professional Drynamic Dry Shampoo

This is what I call a must have product! Sebastian Professional Drynamic Dry Shampoo instantly refreshes your hair in between washes but not only with its cleansing properties it absorbs excess oil at your roots to give hair a boost.
The Recharge technology  improves manageability for easier styling.
It is realky a multitasker, it enhances body, volume and texture. Hair is revitalized and  looks fab.
Sebastian Professional Drynamic Dry Shampoo was used during Fashion Weeks around the world to restyle and reshape models' hair. It is really a must have! It is not chalky and not powdery, and the secret lies in the particles , usually in most dry shampoos they are squared but in the Drynamic they are spherical.
This allow them to sit together better and makes the hair styling much easier.
Hair can be transformed quickly giving you the oppurtunity to look very now, by changing the form and the texture.
It smells amazing and brushes very easily without leaving any residues.
I really recommend it!

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  1. I've never tried dry shampoo but this sounds great!