Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Mother's Day at LUSH

Mother's day is coming up so better start with some gift ideas.. Lush has come out once again with a great selection of products in limited edition that are perfect to surprise your mum on her day!

Here is Lush Mother's Day range in details:

Inhale Exhale Ballistic

They are bath bombs of two halves, created with the two halves of the Breath of God fragrance. Each half will fizz at different speed. Breath in the light and fruity neroli and rose to relax and enjoy the effects of the exhale fragrance with notes of cedarwood.

Madame Butterfly

It is a lovely butterfly in pretty pink fragranced with rose absolite and rose oil with notes of lemon and geranium oil that help balancing the skin.

Mum Tulip

This lovely tulip share the same fragrance as the best seller sex bomb bath bomb a wonderful fragrance that will revive and clear mum's mind.

Mumkin Bubble Bar

This fruity bubble bar turns the water in a nice pink colour thabks to the unique fragrance of fresh rasperry. Not to mention she is quite a character!

Rose Bubble Bar

This lovely bubble bar is sweet and uplifting!
Thanks to the rosehip and cocoa butter grated into the mixture make the skin soft and rose and lemon give fragrance.
Mum will enjoy a wonderful relaxing bath that will feel as a rose filled voyage.

Secret Garden Ballistic

Your mum will feel as she is in her own secret garden.
Petals will float on the water , scents of roses and sweet wild orange and rosewood oils will make the bath feel so relaxing.

Wonder Woohoo Bubble Bar

This bubble bar is inspired by Wonder Woman, and mum can feel like superheroes when using this bubble bar!
This bubble bar is covered in gold sparkle like Wonder Woman's gold tiara!
The bar is packed with sandawood and Brazilian orange oil and is ideal for every super mum who need to recharge!


Various gifts sets are also available packed with lovely surprises for your mum's special day!

All Lush Mother's Day products and gifts are now available at any Lush Stores in Switzerland and online on


  1. I love Lush .... but wasn't mothers day March the 30th ?? :-)

    1. Hi! In switzerland and a few others countries is on May 11th

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