Thursday, 25 June 2015

Davidoff has unveiled a new masterpiece from his Humidor Collection: "Cave de Paille Season II" at Art Basel

Davidoff has unveiled the second edition of his humidor Collection "Cave de Paille" at Art Basel. 
In collaboration with the Parisian artist Lison de Caunes the three-piece  Humidor Collection   in the traditional technique of Marqueterie de Paille. 
It embodies Davidoff appreciation for materials ans for creativity, authenticity and luxury. 
These masterpieces opens new dimensions for Davidoff and shows a craft that requires a high degree of precision, imagination and patience, and thus reflect the essential qualities of the Davidoff Accessories  arts and crafts combined with technical competence for highest cigar enjoyment.
The three-piece new Davidoff Collection is  inspired by the time cycles of nature. As the tobacco leaf for cigar, Lison de Caunes is from the outset  the artistic director of this Humidor collection in the centre, from the choice of the shape on the design of the collection to the creation of pattern.
Also this unique Humidor shows a decisive moment in the life cycle of a Davidoff cigar. From the concept to completion it took Lison de Caunes 15 months to create the Humidor "Season II" with its unusual patterns. Cigars inspired, it remind the pattern of dry straw bundle. Lison de Caunes processed  approximately 1,000 sun-dried straws and colored them in a specific color. Each of the selected straw is colored, open, flattened, glued and cut. In 15 months of work Lison ensures that the  pieces are ready and beautifully prepared for its later owners.

Launch and Availability

The first Humidor of  the collection - "Season I" - was unveiled at Art Basel in Hong Kong.
Only ten of these masterpieces are available from March 2015 at Davidoff Flagship Stores in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Europe and Asia.
The second Humidor of the collection - "Season II" - has now been launched at Art Basel in Basel.
The Humidor is available from June 2015 as  Limited Edition exclusively at  Davidoff Flagship Stores in USA, Europe and Asia.
The third and final piece of the collection will be revealed at  Art Basel in Miami Beach.

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