Sunday, 21 June 2015

Say Style, Speak EIMI

The world speaks EIMI. The language of individuality. Everyday we are inundated with a  flow of inspiring images. From New York to New Delhi cultures and lifestyles influence our individual style. It's no longer about following trends. The point is to express yourself.
With this in mind Wella developed the new styling range EIMI which goes to replace the Wella Professionals Styling line. This new line counts many innovations and cult products which have visionary design all with improved formulations and breezy beauty fragrances. 25 Styling heroes for individualists who want to express their identity.
Authentic, original and creative.

Make your style and show who you are.
Whether  you want wild textures, incredible shine, stunning volume or a smooth glossy finish the  Eimi  products are as individual as each of us.

Say Style Speak EIMI

It is easy to find the right products as they are divided for hold level and categories such as: hairspray, shine, texture, smooth and volume.

Try me I am EIMI

Five highlights products from the EIMI range:

  • DRY ME : the dry shampoo with tapioca refreshes the hair and gets rid of excess grease. For looks with volume and manageable matt texture.

  • PERFECT ME: the light  beauty lotion ( BB Cream) adds shine and moisture while providing heat protection and taming flyaway hair,  for a natural smooth look.

  • SUGAR LIFT: the rich flexible spray with sugar crystals gives the hair volume, shine and a grippy texture

  • EXTRA VOLUME: The mouse provides magnificent volume with strong hold and it is incredibly easy to distribute in the hair also because all Eimi foams have a new formulation with improved consistency.

  • STAY STYLED: this  strong but manageable hairspray  allows to create any style. It protects the hair from external influences such as moisture, UV rays and heat. All Eimi sprays have a new, light and airy scent.

EIMI Styling Sprays
are available
 at your Wella Salon

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