Tuesday, 18 August 2015

A day with Nescens at Locarno Film Festival

On Thursday I was invited by Nescens to attend a conference and then to spend the  night with them at Locarno Film Festival. The conference was held in Ascona at Hotel Monte Verità.
The Hotel Monte Verità wasn't a random location choice as Nescens choose the location on purpose as it is a true inspirational place. In the years artists, researchers and philosophers all stopped at Monte Verità to meet, exchange ideas, opinions as well to create new theories.
During the conference we got to know a bit more about the Nescens world. Born from the expertise of the Centre for the Prevention of Aging at the Clinique de Genolier , Nescens offers a personalized anti-aging program to help prevent and delay the effects of aging all why caring for individual needs.
Nescens offers medical check-ups, medical spa programs, plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine procedures and anti-aging cosmeticeutical treatments.
Thanks to the partecipation of Dr. Albertini director of the Swiss Stem Cell Bank, exclusive partner of Nescens we also got to understand the importance of stem cells which will certainly play a key role in the future of medicine.
Nescens however offers already the possibility to extract and store stem cells to anyone wishing to benefit from his own stem cells at a later stage in life to regenerate or reconstruct damages and aging tissues.
As everyone anspires to enjoy the best of life for as long as possible, this can be achieved with the preservation of appeareance, physical fitness and healths. Nescens helps us doing just that..adding life to life!

With fellow bloggers Liridon, Anja and Rico from Concept 

After the conference we enjoyed a lovely aperitive in the grounds of the Monte Verità before leaving with two buses direction Piazza Grande. We then went to enjoy a delicious meal at the Piazza Grande Lounge where the evening was pleasantly livened up by some live music.
While we were enjoying our food we even had the great surprise visit of Mr. Marco Solari, president of the Film Festival who came in to say hi and for a quick speech.
The food and the ambience were really good and I especially loved the dessert served in what resembled much a Christmas bauble filled with ice cream and fresh fruit.

Marco Solari President of Locarno Film Festival

After the lovely meal at the Piazza Grande we were all given some " Genolier" straw hats  and we walked a few hundred metres to the Piazza Grande. Once again I had chance to walk on the red carpet and I managed to take a few pictures along the way. We then proceeded to our reserved seats in Piazza and watched the presentation of the Vision Award Nescens folloved by the movie La Vanitè.
The Vision Award is handed out by Nescens and highlights and pays tribute to someone whose creative
work behind the scenes, as well as in their own right has contributed to opening up new perspective in film.
This year the prize went to Walter Murch, the triple Oscar Winning editor and sound designer.

Walter Murch

Walter Murch on stage with Carlo Chatrian and presenter Giada

Thanks Nescens for the great day!

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