Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Candles are also for Summer!

Well, you probably all know by now how much I love scented when I little while ago I received a wonderful package with some lovely candles from OUR OWN CANDLE COMPANY I literally screamed for joy.
You probably think candles and Summer don't really go together that they are more of a Winter thing.. well think again as Our Own Candle Company has some lovely Summer scents to make your Summer nights much more special!
Think delicious Pina Colada, Tropical Paradise, Coconut Lime or what better..The beach. I have tried all of those and they smell so nice they make me want to eat them! They are the perfect addition to Summer nights on the balcony or in the garden. They create a lovely atmsophere, they leave a wonderful scent and more they look so great in their glass jars! So much on trend!
And let's not forget you can choose your size mini or large jar and once the candle is over you can just reuse the jar as home decor or to store bits and pieces.
There are so many scented candles really to suit anyone's taste, just go on and take your pick!

For more info and to order your candles visit:

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  1. Ciao! Le confezioni di questa candele sono troppo carine!