Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Discover Soir d'Orient Sisley's new feminine fragrance

Sisley Paris is giving us another wonderful parfume, a variation of L'Eau du Soir : Soir D'Orient.
The new fragrance envelops you in the distinctive almost magical atmosphere of an oriental palace.
The Alcazar reveals itself in a new light, suggesting a fragrance veiled in mistery which exalts a radiant femininity. A composition that is enigmatic as it is dazzlingly sensual with sparkling and enchanting top notes, it seduces with its spicy, floral heart leaving a delicately woody warmth in its wake.

2015 from L'Eau du Soir to Soir d'Orient

L'Eau du Soir was born from a childhood memory from Isabelle D'Ornano co-founder of Sisley who remembers walking through the gardens of Royal Alcazar in Seville at sunset when the bloom of lilacs release all its fragrance.
It is the magic of this precious moment which evokes for her L'Eau du Soir.
An eau de parfum refined and full of contrasts, combining the freshness of a debut citrusy sensuality of a floral heart, enhanced by an elegant chypre background.
Continuing the journey further in time to rediscover the warmth and mystery of Andalusia. This new variation of L'Eau du Soir takes us into a palace of Seville that bare witness to the "Convivencia" in which communities shared their knowledge, arts and cultures making it a golden age of these proud lands.
It is the aroma as well as the history and soul of this magical place that she captures in the Soir d'Orient. Even the gorgeous bottle replicates the Seville's Arabic architecture.

"The sun of Andalusia shines on the ancient walls and the tiles sparkle with metallic reflections revealing all the magic of a "Soir d'Orient"

A sparkling start, a floral spicy heart, a woody and mysterious wake.. Soir d'Orient is a fragrance which combines the sparkle of Italian lemons, the green freshness of Iranian Galbanum and the voluptuos roundness of a Saffron accord.
To lift the fragrance we have Black Pepper from Madagascar and the captivating scent of Turkish Rose absolute and Egyptian Geranium.
The rich woodiness of Sandalwood accord and the mysterious leather scents of Somalian Incense combine with the warm elegance of Indonesian Patchouli.

available from September 2015
in 50 ml and 100 ml

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