Friday, 7 August 2015

La Belle Saison world premiere at #Locarno68

The second night of the #Locarno68 was all about women  which saw the entire cast of Catherine Corsini movie "La Belle Saison" (Piece of my heart) on stage in Piazza to present the world premiere of the movie.
The film set in the 70's is the story of Delphine a French country girl who decides to leave her farm work and her secrets behind to move to Paris. Delphine has always loved girls in secret and moving to Paris could mean financial indepence but also a way of leaving the gossip behind her.
In Paris she will meet a group of girls who are dedicated to improve the rights of women and homosexuals and Delphine seems to be keen on this libertarian energy.
Among the girls in the  group is the beautiful Spanish teacher Carole  who she will fell for.
Reality however calls Delphine back to the farm and to her traditional lifestyle where her feelings for Carole must withdraw into hiding.
Instinctive  and sensual, cheerful and tragic, free of inhibitions "La Belle Saison " is really touching drama worth to be seen!

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