Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Congratulations to Jeanrichard's partner Arsenal on winning the FA Cup!

Football like watchmaking is a philosophy of life, team spirit, dedication and passion are common values: fans, players, collectors, watchmakers and everyone involved in the history and pioneering spirit of both Jeanrichard and Arsenal and on one common ground.
It was a natural decision for them to embark on a journey together that started in January 2014.
On May 17th 2014 Arsenal won the FA Cup at Wembley Stadium, Bruno Grande Managing Director of Jeanrichard said "We are very happy for Arsenal and would like to congratulate them on such a successful season and especially this cup victory."
He then added "The team has fought to the last minute for this extraordinary accomplishment and we are already looking forward to continuing this exciting partnership next season and celebrate even more success with the Gunners."


  1. Amazing pics!