Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Summer is getting closer, we start thinking about holidays, sun , sea and sand.. Wonderful!
Well if you like me are a sun worshipper, but you hate the harm the sun can do to your hair then you definetely need the Wella Professional Sun Range!
Hair that have been exposed to the harmful rays of the sun and chemicals such as chlorine will cause the hair to become overly dry, parched and coloured hair could fade.
The Wella Sun Range repairs and protects your hair before, during and after sun exposure.

Sun Hair & Body Shampoo

This invorating shampoo especially formulated for use after sun exposure.
With high content of Vitamin E this shampoo removes impurities such as sun screen, salt and chlorine from skin and hair.
 It provides essential nourishment, the Wella Pro Sun Shampoo invigorates skin and leaves hair softer, healthier and shinier. It will leave you cleansed and refreshed all over.

Sun Express Conditioner

This intensely hydrating conditioner, is enriched with Vitamin E, known for its antioxidant and soothing properties.
It instantly helps to provide a deep repairing effect, the hair is reconditioned and rejuvenated. It nourishes and soothe dry hair.
It can also help to maintain further protection against the sun and prevent colour fading.

Sun Protection Spray for fine to normal hair

This spray contains an innovative double-phase formula, phase 1 effectively helps to protect the hair against UV rays. Phase 2 contains a vitamin complex that hydrates the hair.
This spray the hair irrestibly healthy looking and soft to the touch.
It has a high performance UV protection before and during sun exposure.

Sun Protection Cream for Coarse Hair

This spray has been specially formulated for coarse hair, as after sun exposure coarse hair can become dry, broken and brittle.
This multilevel conditioning cream helps to nourish, protect and shield hair.
It penetrates deep-down into the hair and forms a protecting coating, restoring and calming dry hair.

Wella Sun Hair & Skin Hydrator

This wonderful multifunctional spray really soothes and moisturises hair and skin after sun exposure.
It is enriched with Alantoin and works to provide long lasting moisture to hair and skin.
It replenishes, hydrates and restores lost moisture from both hair and body caused by overexposure to sun's ultraviolet rays, sunblock and chlorine.
It also helps to cool down, it soothes skin, and replenish and protect hair. 


  1. Thanks for sharing! I have got some planned beach days for this summer and this stuff will be perfect to use after!

    1. Yes I think they will be perfect!

  2. This is great to know. My hair definitely becomes more brittle the more time I spend in the sun. Anything that can help prevent that brittleness is a wonderful product in my book.
    Bright and Shiny

    1. Good to help!! I think they definetely in my must have list for Summer!