Thursday, 15 May 2014

Vichy Capital Soleil for a beautiful skin in the sun

Vichy Capital Soleil BB Tinted Dry Touch Face Fluid SPF 50

This subtle BB formula gives a natural looking tan effect. Vichy BB tinted Dry Touch Face Fluid has a light and anti-shine texture with high sun protection that acts efficiently thanks to its UVA and UVB filtering system with Mexoryl XL and minerals that protect the DNA.
It fights against sunburns, pigment irregularities and premature ageing.
It is also paraben-free and with soothing and fortifying Vichy Thermal Spa Water is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Vichy Capital Soleil Invisible Hydrating Mist SPF 30

The skin is protected with Vichy Capital Soleil Hydrating Mist SPF 30 thanks to the filters Mexoryl XL. It is resistant to water and gives high sun protection for face and body.
This mist moisturizes, leaving a dry finish and bringing an immediate sensation of freshness.
Skin is hydrated thanks to this mist as it doesn't dry the skin and offers a uniquely enjoyable experience.
It is alcohol-free, paraben-free and suitable for sensitive skin.

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