Friday, 16 May 2014

Frappuccino Happy Hour is back at Starbucks!

Good news for Starbucks lover with the return of Summer the Frappuccino Happy Hour is back!
Visit a partecipating Starbucks store in Switzerland from the  16th of May until the 23rd of May 2014 from 3 pm until 5 pm for the Frappuccino Happy Hour!
That means you can enjoy your favourite Frappucino for half price!
My Starbucks Rewards members can enjoy an extended Frappuccino Happy Hour until 6 pm.
During the Happy Hour you will be able to customize  your perfect Frappuccino for your perfect Summer day!
There are many ways you can customize your Frappuccino, select from a variety of milks, and choose a combination of syrups and toppings to create your unique drink.

Featured beverages include Starbucks' classic Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino and Coffee Caramel Frappuccino as well as the seasonal Mocha Coconut  Frappuccino and Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino.

Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino (classic)

Strawberries and milk blended with ice and topped witha whirl of whipped cream.

Coffee Caramel Frappuccino (classic)

Coffee blended with caramel syrup, milk and ice.Topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce.

Mocha Coconut Frappuccino (seasonal)

Made with Signature Frappuccino Roast  Coffee, your choice of milk, bittersweet mocha sauce, coconut syrup and ice blended and then topped with whipped cream , chocolate drizzle and of course the toasted coconut flakes.
The Mocha Coconut Frappucino will sweep you away to a Summer Paradise!

Mocha Cookie Crumble (Seasonal)

Rich Mocha Sauce, vanilla syrup and Frappuccino chips, blended with Frappuccino roast coffeecoffee, milk and ice, topped with chocolaty whipped cream and Chocolate Cookie Crumbles. Simply delicious!


  1. They look so cutee :)

    1. Hi!! They really do! And taste so good!!

  2. It must taste so good!

    1. Hi!
      They are good, love the coconut one!