Friday, 23 May 2014

Time for celebrating 40 years of Wella SP with the new formula Liquid Hair

It is exciting news to hear that Wella to mark the occasion of its 40th birthday of its SP range is bringing back one of their fab product Liquid Hair.
The new formula Liquid Hair is formulated with molecular hair restructurer technology to rebuild keratin bonds within the hair,  it also helps to replenish essential amino acids helping to cure damaged hair.

In-salon treatment

After a consulation with your hair stylist to determine the client's need. A suitable shampoo based on your hair type will be chosen from the SP Range.
The SP Liquid is then applied to the hair with ingredients that penetrate and reconstruct the damaged hair fiber and it goes to work where it is needed.
The hair absorbs just the right amount of the treatment and the rest is rinsed out so it doesn't overload the hair.
The treatment enda with an application of Wella SP leave-in products, tailored to your hair's needs.
I personally think this treatment would be perfect now, to get your hair in top shape before your holidays and ready for Summer when your hair has to battle with sun, chlorine and chemicals.
Ask for this treatment in your Wella Salon in Switzerland, from May.


  1. Awesome product!

  2. I know the battle with the sun parched hair all too well. This would really come in handy for dry, brittle hair.
    Bright and Shiny