Thursday, 26 June 2014

DR. HAUSCHKA Limited Edition Bronzing Powder

A nice blue sky, feeling the warm sun rays who reflects in clear water, with a nice breeze stroking your hair.. Long Summer days are meant to make us dream. It is probably what inspired Berlin based artist Tina Berning the beautiful watercolour drawing she created exclusively for Dr.Hauschka bronzing powder. The drawing adorns the exterior of the limited edition bronzing powder which comes in a nice brown pouch with an inside pocket for the brush. You can take it with you all over, all year round!
With its warm tone and matt finish it is suitable for all skin tones and it is easy to apply.
Karim Satter international make-up artist for Dr.Hauschka uses the powder to contour and to highlight features such as nose, forehead and chin.
Thanks to its precious ingredients such as silk and Anthyllis, Sage and Witch Hazel, countour and smooth the complexion for a flawless look.

Dr.Hauschka Limited Edition Bronzing Powder will be available from mid August 2014.

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