Sunday, 29 June 2014

With Jack Daniel's through the Summer Festivals Season

When Jack Daniel's is around people just seem to gather, and where there is Jack there is music. In fact when you hear good music there is a good chance you will find a Jack Daniel's  nearby.
After all Jack Daniel's and music have long gone hand in hand. From the nights when Mr.Jack himself would entertain guests with his grand piano to today's favourite bands and musicians toasts the evening with Jack Daniel's, there is a strong connection between Jack Daniel's and music.
For this reason Jack Daniel will see you through the Summer Festivals Season with a brand new tent, so to enjoy the Festival's atmosphere together with true Jack Daniel's lifestyle visit the tent, where you will be able to enjoy  the classic Jack Daniel's Old no.7 on the rocks, but also Jack & Coke, Gentleman Jack , the Tennessee Honey or the exclusive Single Barrell.
Live Freely, drink sensibly!
You can find the Jack Daniel's tent at the following festivals and open airs:

- OPEN AIR FRAUENFELD, 10th -13th JULY 2014
- OPEN AIR GURTEN, 17th-20th JULY 2014
- PALEO FESTIVAL,  22nd-27th JULY 2014
- OPENAIR GAMPEL, 14th- 17th AUGUST 2014

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