Saturday, 28 June 2014

STARBUCKS Bloggers Event with Discoveries Chai Latte

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure to attend the Starbucks Bloggers Event in Zürich with my hubby and Jasper! The event was held at the Sihlcity branch, really nice location and a big thanks goes to the team for the amazing work they did to host us  on the night!
The event was really fun and fashionable!
It started off as always with a coffee tasting with the great explanations of  the lovely Starbucks Coffee Master.
We tried the coffee first hot, then cold and then with a bit of icecream in it to see the difference. The lovely Coffee Master made us cover the coffee with our hands in order to inhale the smell, to see what we could think of.. to reply coffee wasn't just going to be good enough..!
She explained that you can tell if a coffee is of good quality if you can drink it cold.
After the coffee tasting the Fashion part of the event took place, special guest Clifford Lilley took the time to show us different shoes trends for the Summer. From Dosenbach to Prada the trend for sports shoes and flat sandals seem to be very much the key.
Given that the event was especially to present the new Discoveries Chai Latte, we had chance to try out a few on the spot and able to took some home! As you probably already know I am a fan of Chai Latte so I am already a big fan of it! You can now find it at Migros around Switzerland.
A nice giftbag full of Starbucks goodies was also given out to everyone to take home!

The NEW Starbucks Discoveries Chai Latte

The group of Bloggers

The lovely Starbucks' Coffee Master 

Getting things ready for the tasting 

Coffee tasting

Coffee tasting with ice cream

 Chatting away with the lovely Gaby 

Inhaling the smell of the coffee

Jasper having fun at the Event

 Clifford Lilley showing us the latest trends

Sandals and trainers for Summer!

With Clifford Lilley

Jasper & I

The lovely gift bag


  1. This looks so lovely! I love chai tea lattes xx


  2. How fun! And I just adore Jasper!
    Dawn Lucy