Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Dr.Hauschka new Foundation in 5 shades will help you get that flawless complexion!

Everyone dreams of a flawless complexion, and we know how a good foundation can help achieve this. It is certainly true that make up can help us as an even complexion truly enhances a woman's face.With this in mind Dr.Hauschka has developed a new foundation in 5 natural shades: 01 Macadamia, 02 Almond, 03 Chestnut, 04 Hazelnut and 05 Nutmeg.

Dr.Hauschka new foundation blends in with your skintone, concealing minor flaws while retaining  the skin's natural vitality. It is easy to apply and combines authentic colour nuances with the finest plant oils, waxes and medicinal plant extracts.
The packaging has a luxurious feel in its  revamped black shiny tube which reflects the quality of the product.
Dr.Hauschka new Foundation will replace the Translucent Make-up 00-04 and it is different from it in several ways: shades, concealing properties, changed formula and new fragrance.
Thanks to its ideal colour matching Dr.Hauschka Foundation evens out the skin's tone so well, giving it a balanced and lively appearance.

Dr.Hauschka Foundation enhances skin's natural functions and maintains the skin's moisture balance as well as protecting it from external factors.
The texture is fluid and makes for an easy application and gives a light-medium coverage which helps concealing redness and blemishes without over covering.
The formula is really nourishing and based on the finest natural ingredients such as Pomegranate essence, macadamia nut oil and coconut oil which helps making the skin silky smooth.
The fragrance is also part of the new Dr.Hauschka Foundation experience, as when you apply it you can definetely feel the fresh, citric scent with undertones of coconut and vanilla which makes for a really enjoyable experience.
The colour shades range from ivory to beige and olive so you are sure to find a shade to suit your skin tone and as suggested by Karim Sattar, International make-up artist for Dr.Hauschka "To find the right shade of foundation, you should apply three different nuances on your cheekbones and note which colour blends best with your neck and face".

The new Dr.Hauschka Foundation is available
 in stores from 15th February 2015

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