Tuesday, 20 January 2015

No more dark spots concerns thanks to Sisley's new Intensive Dark Spot Corrector!

We all know dark spots are a major concerns for many women, usually appearing on face, neck or décolleté they can be caused by various factors such as UV rays, free radicals, natural ageing and skin imperfections.

I had problems with dark spots on my face in the past because I did not use the right sun protection. As a matter of a fact prevention is the best cure when it comes to dark spots. I now only use SPF 50 on my face whenever I go on the sun. Exposing skin to the sun without the right protection  cause overstimulated melanocytes to start secreting excess melanin in a erratic manner and dark spots can appear.
Ageing is of course another cause of dark spots, as with age the dysfunction of melanocytes can cause a significant concentration of localised melanin that forms hyperpigmentation.

Sisley is tackling this problem by creating Intensive Dark Spot Corrector a new anti-dark spot treatment which is suitable for all women all ages and all skin tones.

It is a new skin brightening treatment that provides a comprehensive lightening, exfoliating and soothing action.


As dark spots appears because of a dysfunction within the melanocytes, Sisley Research thanks to their patented lighting complex consisting of a synergy of three powerful ingredients including stabilised Vitamin C derivative, extract of modified Rhubarb and Vitamin E Acetate can reduce the size and intensity of dark spots.


Exfoliating promotes and encourages the reduction of dark spots by boosting the elimination of dead skin cells loaded with melanin and optimises the effectiveness of the treatment.
Sisley Intensive Dark Spot Corrector thanks to two active ingredients such as extract of Barbary Fig Blossom and Salicylic acid stimulate the natural exfoliation of the skin.


A combination of soothing ingredients completes this anti-dark spot treatment such as natural Alpha-bisabolol, Salicylic acid , Plant Glycerin and Sunflower oil which provide moisture and nourishment.
As well as essential oils of Sage, Lavender and Marjoram which naturally perfume the product.

Thanks to its roll-on tip Sisley Intensive Dark Spot Corrector it allows for rapid and targeted use. Its clever design, with roll-on applicator gently massages in the product delivering a fresh silky texture which is instantly absorbed in the targer zone. Ultra-practical and ultra-effective as this format allows for easy apllication on neck, face and décolleté.
After four weeks of twice-daily use the size and intensity of dark spots are visibly reduced.

Sisley Intensive Dark Spot Corrector
 will be available in Switzerland from February 2015

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