Friday, 30 January 2015

Let your eyes take centre stage this Spring with Sisley Phyto 4 Ombres

Sisley is bringing us PHYTO 4 OMBRES : the new  graphic and enigmatic checkerboards which reveal silky and vibrant colour combinations all with a next-generation texture.

Each palette is composed of four coordinated shades, each one with cutting-edge make-up technology that blends pigments and light to form an ethereal texture.
This palette is absolutely gorgeous and will be an object of desire this Spring, as the black and white magnetised case makes it really stand out and an absolute must-have!
The Harlequin look which embellishes the modern case which cointains four gorgeous eyeshadows all in Sisley's signature S shape.

PHYTO 4 OMBRES: gives us colour and light in the purest state as it cointains microsized pigments that guarantee an intensely pure and luminous colour all with no product residue.
The eyeshadows thanks to their exclusive design have a velvety feel and caress the eyelid giving us a fantastic and long-lasting make-up result.
This new featherlight texture, translucent and non-powdery give us  the possibility of having different finishes and looks such as radiant, matt, metallic, satin-finish.. the possibilities are endless!
All this thanks to the various layers of mother-of-pearl that give us freedom to be creative.
The emollient and soft combination of Sisley's skincare active ingredients Green Tea, Camelia and White Lily makes the texture imperceptibles and leaves the eyelids  feeling soft without drying the skin.

Let your eyes taking centre stage and the combinations of four shades let you have fun with your eyes and experiment for example a simple look for everyday wear or sophisticated for special occasions.
Shaded, monochrome, two-tone, day or night, subtle or bold..application can be tailored to suit everyone's style.
The eyeshadows can be applied with fingers or using the applicator specially designed to suit the texture and which allows the mother-of-pearl to be blended to reveal the purity and brilliance of the colour.


2 subtle and radiant variations both unique and feminine which will adorn the eyelids with silky, luminous eyeshadows to wear both day and night.

THE DREAM PALETTE is a harmony of nude tones for a luminous natural make-up

  • Silk Rose
  • Velvet Brown
  • Satin Copper
  • Pearl Beige

THE MYSTERY PALETTE is a harmony of smoky tones for make-up that is intense and hypnotic

  • Gun
  • Matte Black
  • Denim
  • Ivory

Sisley's Phyto 4 Ombres
will be available from February 2015


  1. Love the pinkish palette!