Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Go for Gold with Swiss Smile D'Or!

A gold toothpaste? wow that certainly sounds fancy! Thanks to Swiss Smile d'Or now you can treat yourself to a daily dose of pure luxury!
Gold is symbol of radiance  and vitality and now you can make it part of your beauty routine, with this luxurious oral care!

The new Swiss Smile D'Or tooth paste cointains gold in the form of 23.75 carat gold dust! WOW!
Gold is a powerful antioxidant and can boost cell regeneration in patients prone to tooth decay or paradontitis. Since decades gold has been used in medicine, and thanks to its antibacterial poperties is being used to treat gum infections and bad mouth odour.

Swiss Smile d'Or has also a unique flavour, not the ordinary toothpaste minty-like flavour but a subtle oriental note that will make the luxurious experience even more enjoyable.

Swiss Smile D'Or toothpaste comes in a smart set together with a gold plated Swiss Smile ultra-soft toothbrush with black bristled and together they epitomise the essence of luxury oral care.

Swiss Smile d'Or now has a new testimonial in the name of Xenia Tchoumitcheva, the perfect ambassadress for the luxury oral care line.

Swiss Smile d'Or
 is available 
in selected pharmacies, upmarket department stores and on

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  1. Truly amazing!