Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Keep it classy with Daniel Wellington watches!

On this post I would like to introduce you to Daniel Wellington watches, you might be familiar with them as they are very popular lately especially on instagram.
So what is the story behind Daniel Wellington?
The founder Filip Tysander in his trip around the world met an intriguing gentleman from the British Isles. This man had a great sense of style and loved to wear his watch on old NATO straps. This man was Daniel Wellington.
A great friendship started and Mr. Tysander took inspirations from Mr. Wellington and was fascinated by his timeless sense of style and fashion.
He started to create beautiful watches named after his friend: Daniel Wellington watches was born.
The watches are thin and elegant with clean designs without too many features that look good with the now iconic NATO straps but also with leather straps.
The watches are minimalistic , yet classy and modern and will appear to anyone looking for a timeless piece of timewear.
Daniel Wellington watches can also be personalized as every watch has interchangeable straps, this way your watch will be truly unique.
You could for example pick a  black leather strap like the one I chose for my Grace Glasgow Daniel Wellington watch. The leather straps are made of Italian quality leather and are available in black and brown with gold or silver hardware.
I really love my DW Grace Glasgow as I feel is a watch suitable for every occasion, it is classy and looks great with the NATO strap but also with the black leather strap.
Go and visit their website to see more styles and pick your favourite!
I am pleased to have a great discount code for you, just go on and enter sweetvalentine at checkout for 15% off until the end of January.

Daniel Wellington Website


  1. Wow love the watch, gorgeous, great photos xx

  2. I have developed a recent obsession with Daniel Wellington watches, this post comes at a great time!