Sunday, 26 April 2015

A radiant complexion with Dr.Hauschka make-up!

It is no secret that I am a huge Instagram fan and spending many hours on the social I keep seing wonderful pics of make up brushes. There seems to be one for everything and many of you have so many, also of different makes. I soon realized I needed to up my game and got myself these two brushes from Dr. Hauschka.
One is a Rouge Brush and the other is a Foundation Brush. I like the look of both brushes, they look really smart and glamourous with their black and gold colour combination.

Rouge Brush

This in my opinion is a really good quality brush which allows a smooth application of your favourite blush. I have tried Dr.Hauschka Rouge Powder which blends easily and warms the cheeks with a healthy glow.
The smaller head provides a fine, even application for shading and highlighting. Whether you want to create rosy cheeks or accentuate your countours this brush will be a great helper. It picks up powder so well and ensures a uniform result.
The bristles are made of  soft, natural goat hair for exceptionally smooth rouge application.

Foundation Brush

This soft brush is made of vegan, synthtetic fibres. The large-area of the brush allows for easy application of make-up but also of masks and other liquid products.
I used it to apply Dr. Hauschka new foundation nr. 1, which is Macadamia for light skin tone. The foundation gives the right coverage without being too much, and balances out skin's imperfections and uneveness for a smooth and radiant complexion.
The brush is suited for applying foundation but also for shading and highlighting. It can also be used to correct any eye shadow residue under the eyes, which with the brush can be easily corrected.
It a true versatile brush and it really helps in giving the complexion a radiant look without imperfections.

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