Sunday, 26 April 2015

Braun Satin Hair PowerPerfect dryers: powerful, compact and lightweight!

The face of the campaign of the new Satin-Hair PowerPerfect Hair dryers is non other than gorgeous actress Jessica Alba..which is a very good start. She always looks immaculate and her hair is so shiny and beautiful of course  I had to try the new Satin Hair 3 for myself!
She has fairly long hair like me so at the end of the day she must have the same issues as me?? I always found it hard to  find a good hair dryer that is both powerful and lightweight.  Drying my hair can take more than 20 minutes and using a heavy hairdryer can leave me with an aching arm. The new Satin Hair dryers are powerful but lightweight which is great.
Some women use their hair dryer daily so it is important to make sure that is also gentle on the hair. Hair dryers are also the number one styling  for any cut and style. Braun Satin Hair dryers are engineered to give you perfect styling results without damaging hair!

Braun Satin Hair 3 is quite compact but ultra powerful so makes  drying hair fast and easy! All the Power Perfection Hairdryers combine power and lightweight  design for no compromise styling capabilities. 
The ergonomic design makes using the dryer really easy as it allows 360 ° handling.
Braun Satin  Hair 3 combines optimum temperature with high air volume making drying really a quick process.Thanks to the ionic function and the active ions  it helps to boost shine and combat frizz.
Enjoy great styling and beautiful shiny hair with Braun Satin Hair dryers!

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  1. Yeah I know that Satin Power-Perfect is a great hair dryer. It is very lightweight and this feature makes it quite easy to carry anywhere. I am using this dryer from a couple of months. I have really good experience with this hair dryer.