Thursday, 29 October 2015

My love for plaid continues with this H&M total look!

Well it is not a mistery that I love Fall, especially because with Fall here comes ..plaid!
I am a great fan of plaid of all sorts and if I am not wearing a plaid scarf as I did in some of my previous posts I love wearing a plaid shirt! 
This black & white one is from H&M and let me say I love it!
 I bought it at the same time of the faux leather pants also from H&M as I was already picturing the whole look. Do you ever do that when you are in a shop? 
Anyway H&M has some great plaid shirts at the moment so it is worth going and having a look as they are so pretty and perfect for Fall! Now you can even shop online so no excuses!



Jacket: H&M
Shirt: H&M
Pants: H&M
Shoes: MANGO
Hat: H&M

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