Friday, 30 October 2015

VILIV: cosmetic range from Switzerland with new efficiency standard

Viliv is a new cosmetic range with new efficiency standard, not a combination of the usual ingredients but highly effective active components for an efficient treatment to achieve specific objectives such as beautiful healthy skin which makes you feel good in the outside but also in the inside.
Dermatologist Dr. Felix Bertram developed the Viliv range based on this credo long experience as a practicising dermatologist.

Dr. Felix Bertram thanks to his experience as a dermatologist knows the needs of his patients so well and knows that their needs vary widely as their skin types.
That is why the Viliv products are developed specifically for the different skin needs and according to the latest findings in dermatology and biotechnology.
Dr. Felix Bertram set himself the task of setting new standards for combination of active ingredients and their efficiency. 
The products are developed and produced exclusively in Switzerland and cointain no paraffin, no PEGs, no mineral oils, no parabens, no silicon and they are not tested on animals.

Dr. Felix Bertram

The Viliv products range offer solutions for specific skin problems and ranges from cleansing, face care, eye care, serums and masks. I have tested a few products:

Viliv  w - Wipe off the wrinkles

This advanced lifting serum tightens and firms skin. It has an effective anti-aging effect on mature skin by reducing skin ageing signs such as lines and wrinkles. Skin looks firmer, smoother and noticeably tighter. The unique formulation with isoflavones stimulates collagen and elastin production and thus provides firmer skin.
Apply it morning and evening before your moisturizer.

Viliv  e - Brighten your Eyes

This serum has been specifically developed to care for the sensitive skin around the eyes. It provides moisture as well as reducing puffiness, dark circles and visibly firming the eye contours. This serum really provides optimum care for radiant, beautiful eyes. Contours are tightened and wrinkles reduced. The Viliv e smoothing eye serum cointains a special ingredients complex that provides the skin with moisture while reducing lines and firming countours.

Viliv l - Lip Balm

A true life-saver at this time of the year when the days starts to get cooler and lips get really dry. This smoothing lip balm really nourishes skin as well as making lips so soft and smooth. Perfect to use also as a primer before applying lipstick.

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