Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Fight the cold with NUXE

Let's face it in the colder months our skin needs extra care and protection against external aggressions. The cold weather can make our skin dry and weakened. Thanks to the new NUXE High-Repair SOS Rescue Balm for Sensitive Skin and the new edition Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm from the Rêve de Miel collection we now have two great allies to face the cold winter months.
The new NUXE High-Repair SOS Rescue Balm is a 100% natural balm which cointains natural cold cream and Blackcurrant Seed Oil and provides an immediate soothing action and repairs dry skin. It can be used on face and body and thanks to its texture which transforms into an oil when massaged on skin it really goes to work deeply on skin and on the 5 major signs of dry and weakened skin.
In Winter because of the cold weather, wind and chafing can cause our skin to feel dry, hitchy and irritated especially around the nose, cheekbones, elbows and knees.
With continuos use skin's irritation decrease as well as the sensation of tightness and itchiness. Flaking skin disappear as well as any rugosity.
Its delicious almond scent makes it also a real pleasure for not only the body but also for the senses.
The Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm presents itself in a collectors collection "Rêve de Miel" available in three different editions: Rock, Glam and Nature. It is really a must-have for dry and damaged lips, to keep handy and use as needed. This Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm is one of Nuxe's best-sellers and thanks to honey, precious oils and highly concentrated ingredients really helps in nourishing, repairing, soothing and repairing dry and damaged lips. Its grapefruit, lemon and honey fragrance makes every application a pleasurable one.

High-Repair SOS Rescue Balm
Rêve de Miel - Ultra Nourishing Balm
are available now

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