Monday, 24 October 2016

With Nespresso at Zurich Film Festival

 A few weeks ago I was invited by Nespresso to the Zurich Film Festival to watch "Bridget Jones' baby" and for a great night at their lounge afterwards.
Nespresso was once again the official coffee partner of the Zurich Film Festival and always express the passion in promoting creative talents not only in the world of cinema but also in gastronomy.
For this reason Nespresso has found two rising stars of the gastronomy world:  barista Holger Steffen and  young chef Ralph Schelling and brought them along for this special night at the festival to have a great challenge.
The two talents had to demonstrate their creativity and with the help of celebrities such as Luisa Rossi, Clifford Lilley and Sabrina Pesenti create in a really short time something special for the audience and the jury.
The Nespresso Talents Challenge was won by Holger Steffen and his team. Holger joined Nespresso in 2008 as Chief barista in the Nespresso bar in Zurich. Thanks to its expertise, passion and creativity he was a pioneer in creating cocktails at Nespresso and has since then created over 100 coffee cocktails.
The team won the challenge with the cocktail "Copa di Brazil" which showcased to the best that coffee and gastronomy can go hand in hand.

Ralph Schelling and Holger Steffen

Member of the jury and 
Nespresso Ambassador Dominique chooses its favorite

The jury makes its decision

Holger and its team at work

The winning cocktail "Copa di Brazil"

Thanks Nespresso for the great night!

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