Thursday, 27 October 2016

Jean Paul Gaultier Essence de Parfum Classique and Le Male

Last week I was invited to a secret lab location in Zurich to discover the new Jean Paul Gaultier Essence de Parfum Classique and Le Male. We had the oppurtunity to get a real feel of the new fragrance which Jean Paul Gaultier turned into "Belle Parfumerie" with an elegant touch. Jean Paul Gaultier is known to give everyday objects a new artistic life just like with the iconic metal can.
Le Male Essence de Parfum takes you to a new olfactory journey, spicy citrus run into sexy leather notes all tossed with precious wood.
The bottle of Le Male Essence de Parfum symbolizes the new interpretation of the male body with a redesigned silhouette: broader shoulders and a narrower waist.
Classique Essence de Parfum on the other hand sees the wonderful contrast of spicy whipped cream and the richness of jasmine all in woody base.
The Classique Essence de Parfum also for the first time has a redesigned silhouette with a smaller chest and a slightly bigger lower back.
The iconic duo of perfumes really capture the cheeky, sensual and modern spirit of the Gaultier house which have suceeded in remaining contemporary since the '90s.

Essence de Parfum Classique

Essence de Parfum Le Male

Essence de Parfum
Classique and Le Male
are available now

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