Saturday, 31 December 2016

Fancy mani for New Year's Eve with Le Mini Macaron

Are you all set to celebrate the new year? I will be celebrating at home with my hubby in the comfort of my home. However although I shall not need a fancy dress that is not a reason not to have fancy nails right?
Thanks to Le Mini Macaron I will have very fancy nails indeed! As I have already presented it on a previous post Le Mini Macaron  allows you to do a semi-permanent manicure easily wherever you want whenever you want at home with institute like results!
Le Mini Macaron offers a good selection of colours and for New Year's I was undecided between Gold Glitter and Champagne Rosé which seem perfect for this festive occasion. So I said to myself, why choose when I can use both! I am loving my sparkling, shiny and golden I am ready to party!
Happy New Year!

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