Monday, 12 December 2016

Today is Poinsettia day!

Did you know that today is Poinsettia day? Yes, the most beautiful flower of the festive time also known as "Christmas Star" certainly deserves a day of celebration of its own! Poinsettia is certainly my favourite flower for the Holidays and I made it one of my festive tradition to decorate with Christmas Stars! They make my home so festive and colourful, with their beautiful reds and brilliant coloured green leaves they are an absolute pleasure to look at.  Christmas is a time to celebrate with family and friends and it is lovely to welcome my guests in the house with my Poinsettia decorations.. they really create that Holiday cheer!
Just like the Christmas tree and the advent calendar for me decorating with Poinsettias as mentioned as become a true Christmas tradition. It is really easy to create some wonderful table arrangements which can look stylish and beautiful in any home whether traditional or modern. Every year I like to try out something new and I am really hoping you will like my Christmas Stars decorations! You can really create some striking table decorations with the Christmas Stars and a few material such as bows, pine cones and some ornaments which will be the highlight of your table decoration this Christmas.
I sprayed one of my Poinsettia with some golden glitter spray to give it a more glamourous look as well as placing some golden decorations in the vase to hide the soil. I personally love it! It looks so sparkling and beautiful..just like a star, a Christmas Star!
For another of my decorations I took a Santa's sack and after placing my Poinsettia in a red vase I placed it inside and here you go a beautiful Poinsettia in the sack! Little ones will love it!
For my last two decorations I wanted to create a centre piece for my dinner table and one for my coffee table. For my centre piece one I went a little bit crafty and cut a large Christmas ribbon (but you could also use some silk paper or some fabric) and I placed it on my tray. Then cut another piece to roll around the vase and glued it together. Then I went on with placing various Christmas decorations in the tray such as baubles and little stars. I also added to big Christmas baubles on a stick and inserted them in the pot.
For my coffee table arrangement I had to get two smaller size Christmas Stars and placed them in my red tray. I decorated all over the tray with some golden ribbons and small Christmas baubles and pine cones I also added two small Santas to finish off my decoration.
I am really pleased with the results and now I am ready for the festive season with Poinsettia!

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  1. I did a poinsettia decoration last year :-) This year I haven't bought a Christmas star yet. You did well with your little DIY, the result looks great.