Thursday, 8 December 2016

Soft and smooth skin this Holiday Season with Gillette

Every year at Holiday time it is the same story, we are so busy decorating the house, getting gifts for everyone, making biscuits.. that we sometimes forget about ourself and our well-being. With the Gillette limited edition gift set our skin will be soft and silky in time for the party season!
I am a fan of anything that gives my great results in very little time and the Venus by Gillette give me just that. Many thinks that shaving dries out skin but is not the case on the contrary it has an exfoliating action on skin making skin smooth and soft.
The Venus Swirl thanks to its FlexiBall technology and five countour flexible blades adapts perfectly to the curves  of the female body. This gift set contains in addition to the Venus Swirl, a Venus Satin Care Shaving gel for an even better shave.
The Venus Embrace Snap is perfect for a quick shave on the go. We all know that the race for the perfect gifts and errands can give you very little time to get ready for that important dinner date and sometimes shaving on the go is necessary. Thanks to its pocket sized shape and convenient carrying case the Venus Embrace Snap razor can be carried everywhere. Welcome smooth and soft skin in a flash! In this limited edition gift set the Venus Embrace Snap comes with the Venus Satin Care Shaving Gel.
Gillette of course is taking care also of women with sensitive skin with the Venus Embrace Sensitive razor which has been specially designed to meet the needs of sensitive skin. Gillette Venus has five closely spaced blades and its protective moisturizing strip with aloe vera it gives you a soft and smooth skin without irritations.
Of course don't forget to hydrate skin well after shaving, I personally opt for a body oil which is extra nourishing during the Winter months and leaves my skin super soft!


  1. At home I mostly use men's razors, but I like the Venus Snap for traveling.

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