Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Nivea new hands creams come to the rescue!

The cold season is here to stay and if there is one part of our bodies that is put under pressure are certainly our hands. Cold temperatures, wind and the dry hair from the heating system all contribute to make our hands really dry. Nivea is coming to our rescue with four new hands creams.
Thanks to their improved fromula the new hand creams give our hands 24 hours protection.
The new packaging is also a real pleasure for the eye and easy to hold and use. I keep them in my handbag and use them on the go whenever needed!
Dry and rough hands become soft and velvety as well as staying hydrated for up to 24 hours.
Choose your favourite from: Intensive Care, Soft Care, Q10 Anti-age Care and Repair Care.


  1. I really like Nivea, and hand cream is a must this season! Can't go without applying every day :P


  2. I like the rounded shape of the bottles.

  3. Yes they are really cute and practical!