Monday, 22 May 2017

A wonderful balcony in bloom with Pelargoniums

Pelargonium or as they are better known Geraniums have been popular for a very long time.
 I remember my grandmother used to have them adorning her balcony and garden every year. However Geranium doesn't have to be seen as old-fashioned flower, as it can work well on modern balconies just as much as on traditional ones. Many people think Geraniums are boring as they only know the red variety which usually adorn balconies in boxes but in fact Geraniums are very versatile flowers and come in a huge variety of colours, leaves and flower shapes.
So not only red but also modern shades such as pink, violet, apricot, orange and also in bi-colour varieties.
They are very easy to keep making them very manageable also for people without the green finger and who have very little time. This will ensure that even if you are investing little time and effort looking after them you will have a beautiful display of flowers.
They are perfect to decorate balconies, garden and terraces but if you don't have an outdoor space you can have them inside, too. They work well with modern interiors and make for great decorations, just put a few geranium-stems in a vase or or in a bouquet.


In Switzerland Geranium has even been elected as national flower and for all the good reasons. Geraniums look beautiful, are easy-caring and have lots of qualities. The leaves of Geraniums are edible and thanks to the essential oils cointained in their leaves they give a great aroma to salads, vegetables or even as tea. It is also believed that geraniums have natural healing powers and can help to alleviate depression and stress. Some geraniums also work as a natural insect repellent thanks to the essential oils in their leaves.
I have decided to make Geraniums the star of my balcony in Ticino. Although I mainly picked white and red I also got a bi-colour pink and white to spice things up a little. The idea was to create a kind of oriental style balcony and I am pretty happy with the results. Geraniums not only look great in pots and vases of different styles and sizes but also in less convenional objects such a wowen bag just like a did. My Geraniums are truly eye-catchers and look beautifully also in a bucket and a watering can as centre-piece.

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