Monday, 1 May 2017

I have tried MAC Next to Nothing Face Colour and I am loving it!

Yesterday I was kindly invited by MAC for a makeup session in particular to try out the new Next To Nothing Face Colour. What is exactly Next To Nothing Face Colour? With Next To Nothing is all about the glow!
 It is basically a moisturizing tinted cream that really brings out skin's luminosity and radiance. It follows the trend of makeup no-makeup or barely there makeup which for me is great but it is usually very hard to do. I am not a fan of heavy foundation as you might already know so I was immediately in love with Next To Nothing. This ultra balmy fluid is infused with a bunch of nourishing ingredients and opalescent microspheres which bring out skin's luminosity. 
It can be used alone or under a foundation to give skin extra radiance. 
Marina from MAC Globus Lausanne choose for my complexion the Light Plus and went to apply it on its own and for me it was more than enough to have a lovely glow. The texture is definetely smoothing and cushioning and glides over skin so well. Although it is a light coverage makeup it was enough to cover my dark spots and imperfections. As Marina only added a tiny bit of Prolongwear Concelear under my eyes to cover dark circles and that was all.
Next To Nothing is not just Face Colour but also Pressed Powder. Marina used on me Light Plus and Medium Deep. The powder feel really lightweight, is long-lasting and very comfortable to wear. Thanks to the micro-lights boosters it gives a beautiful glow to skin. She used a light one and a darker one on me to really have a soft-focused glow similar to countouring.
To finish off the look she did a great cat eye look and some irresistible red lips choosing Retro Matte in Fashion Legacy.
I was impressed by the results, of course the makeup as a whole was great but I was really amazed by the Next To Nothing Face Colour. It is lightweight, creamy and gives you a natural glow. Of course don't expect heavy coverage as this is sheer coverage but it does give a beautiful finish and if combined with the powders you can create some wondeful focus glow.
It will certainly be my to-go makeup for Summer!

Next To Nothing 
Face Colour in Light Plus

Next To Nothing 
Pressed Powder in Light Plus

Next To Nothing 
Pressed Powder  in Medium Deep


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