Wednesday, 24 May 2017

NESPRESSO Explorations: one of a kind coffee collection

Become a true coffee connaiseur thanks to Nespreeso's new two Limited Editions Explorations 1. This one of a kind collection of unique coffees are considered gems by coffee experts. Twice a year Nespresso will invite you to join the Explorations community and to taste these coffees, renowned for their remarkable taste.
The two Explorations 1 coffees are Laos Bolaven Plateau and Kenya Peaberry and are available together as duo pack. The two coffees are sold together due to their histories and their contrasting aromas.

Laos Bonaven Plateau

Laoso Bonaven Plateau is a region which sits at thirteen-hundred metres above sea leavel blessed with its own microclimate and where rainfall and humidity is high all year round. Coffees from Laos are known for their distinctive cereal notes and green vegetal personality.
Nespresso gave a small portion of the beans a dark and long roast and the larger portion a lighter, short roast. The result is a 100% washed Arabica espresso with a round and balanced flavour and  all of the heightened cereal notes and fine acidity Nespresso set out to unlock.
Nespresso recommends drinking Laos Bolaven Plateau black to best experience the aroma and if drunk with milk, better drinking it as a Latte Macchiato.

Kenya Peaberry 

Kenya's renowned plant varieties characterised by prominent acidity, rich berry notes and silky mouthfell make this region unique and Kenya is often referred as "The King of Coffees".
Nespresso used 100% Arabica Peaberry beans, these are highly prized beans which have all the distinctive qualities of Kenyan coffee. A unique a carefully crafted roasting profile allowed Nespresso to unlock the potential of this bean and to control its fine acidity and fruity notes.

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