Tuesday, 2 May 2017

My review of the new Sony Xperia XZ

Today I am not talking beauty or fashion but technology and more precisely about my brand new smart phone the new Sony Xperia XZ. As a blogger my phone is truly my bestfriend as it is always with me anytime anywhere!
I have always been a Sony fan previously owning a Z1 and a Z3 so I literally screamed for joy when I have heard of the launch of the new Xperia XZ.
Just by looking at it I felt in love with it, the design and sleek look of the new Xperia XZ make it truly stunning. The soft, rounded form feels comfortable to hold while looking smart. Sony XZ's design is water resistant so an accidental splash or an uxpected shower won't cause any trouble to the phone as it is built to withstand the splashes. It is also dust-resistance so hello beach photos without worring the sand will get stucked in the sockets.
I share my life through my blog and social networks therefore for me one of the most important features on a mobile is surely the photocamera. Well, let me say the new Xperia XZ surely exceeded all my expectations in terms of picture's quality. The Xperia XZ comes with advanced photography technologies and triple image sensing technology. It adapts and captures always the perfect shot even in challenging conditions.
Even when taking photos of moving objects or people the Xperia XZ allows you to capture them without a blur and also in low light conditions.
The colours are true to life no matter whether you are inside or outside as the XZ adapts to any light so that pictures don't even need retouching before sharing!
So that is the camera but what about the front camera? Well, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the new Xperia XZ has a 13MP and Sony's renowned 1/3.06" low light sensor so for me it has been a great selfie after another. And thanks to the 22mm wide angle lens I can take wonderful group selfies, too!
What I love about the Xperia XZ is also the fact that feels really personal and adapts to you and your life everyday.
It learns and adapts based on how you use the phone day after day giving you the best phone experience.
This is seen also with its adaptive charging feature where the Xperia XZ prevent battery decline by learning your charging habits and adapting to them. This will make the battery twice its lifespam.
All in all for me the new Xperia XZ is a winner, a truly great smartphone packed with lots of technology innovations delivered in a smart and stunning looking design.

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