Wednesday, 24 May 2017

OLAPLEX the game changer in hair-care

As a girl who has been colouring and highlighting her hair since my high-school years I take very seriously my haircare regimen and that is why I love Olaplex. I noticed a huge difference in my hair's condition since I have been having Olaplex treatements.
I am not exagerating when I say that Olaplex has completely changed the game in haircare. It is a simple three-step process which includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to look out for broken bonds in the hair caused by chemical and thermal damage.
Olaplex can be used to restore damaged hair or as an added salon service to provide hair breakage.
The first two steps: No. 1 Bond Multiplier and No. 2 Bond Perfector are performed at your hairsalon by professionals. The Bond Multiplier is the first step towards rebuilding bonds, preventing damages and repairing hair while the second step continues to rebuild and restore broken bonds and ensure for healthy and shiny hair.
The final step Olaplex No. 3 is the final step which you can do at home and provides for continuos protection from damages in-between salons visits.
The Olaplex No. 3 really provides constant protection even long after my hair has been coloured it ensures my hair stays shiny, strong and healthy.
I use it as weekly treatment on towel-dried hair and leave it to act for around 10 minutes then rinse it and wash my hair as usual.
Olaplex no. 1 and 2  are treatments which are particularly suitable for hair that is chemically or mechanically damaged while no. 3 can be used just about on any hair type. Use it as a boost to your hair if you feel you went a bit overboard with the heat-styler or with colouring and restore shiny and healthy hair.

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