Saturday, 10 February 2018

Love is in the air at Starbucks!

Valentine's Day is getting closer and love is definetely in the air. If you are lacking ideas on what do to I am giving you a good one right here. Why not start V-Day by surprising your loved one with a lovely brunch at Starbucks? Or if you are on your first date why not make it a coffee date?
As a huge coffee lover Starbucks is surely at the top of my favourite place to go and definetely a place where I love spending precious time chatting with my significant other while enjoying my favourite Latte! So why not a Starbucks' brunch on Valentine's Day? If you haven't already tried Starbucks' new breakfast/brunch offering is really time you ought to.
From the Bacon & Egg Croissant Roll to Cream Cheese Bagel and  Muesli you will be sure to start your V-Day right! And if all you need is love..or more chocolate.. why not treat yourself and your other half with a Signature Hot Chocolate or a Java Chip Frappuccino?
Make it a Valentine's Day to remember by filling your lover's heart and cup with a Valentine's inspired Starbucks card. It is just the perfect gift for that special coffee lover in your life!

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