Monday, 26 February 2018

SHISEIDO presents Essential Energy

Shiseido is entering a new skincare era with the Essential Energy range. Pushing the limits of science by taking over a new challenge: neuroscience with ultra-sensorial textures, aromachological perfumes and a packaging that appeals to our emotions. Shiseido has really understood the important interaction between the brain and the skin and is giving skincare a whole new dimension.
Skin has many enemies such as time and stress that can cause its sensitivity thresholds to change. The connection between the brain and skin jams and becomes vulnerable. Thanks to Shiseido's new technology ReNeura Technology skin gets the energy it needs to defend itself.
The new Essential Energy range specially dedicated for women in their thirties who are over-exposed to polluted environments and stress aims to maintain skin's hydration levels, rebooting its energy levels and giving it a wonderful glow.
The range consists of a Moisturizing Cream, a Moisturizing Gel Cream and SPF 20 Day Cream. The Moisturizing Cream is a luxurious cream ideal for normal to dry skin. The Moisturizing Gel Cream is a fresh and light gel aimed for combination to oily skin. The SPF20 Day Cream combines the luxurious cream with integrated SPF protection and is ideal for normal to dry skin.
I recently had the oppurtunity to try the Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream and I was positively impressed. It is a silky soft creamy moisturizer that deeply hydrates skin as well as energizes it. Skin is smoother and glowing from within. This cream is surely a great option for anyone looking to give their skin a energy boost as well as to deeply moisturize and soften skin.

Essential Energy combines Super Hyaluronic Acid -
 that can absorb six hundred times its weight in water - with a Citrus Unshiu 
Peel extract that increases the skin's ability to synthesise it*. 

Armfuls of rose and jasmine petals add a touch of softness throughout, 
whilst pear and the Japanese Nanko-Ume plum, release fruity, 
slightly sweet notes.
 A cocoon of musky woody notes adds the finishing touch, 
enveloping the senses like a caress of cream on the skin.

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